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Das Oktoberfest ist das größte und beste traditionelle Bierfestival in Europa. Du verbringst deine Zeit mit Bierkrügen, singt auf Tischplatten und freust dich mit alten deutschen Männern! Das Stoketoberfest ist unser legendärer Stoke-Campingplatz und die größte Party außerhalb der Bierhallen. Wenn die Bierhallen zu Ende sind, feiern wir auf unserem verrückten Campingplatz, wo wir unbegrenzt Bier u Dauer: 1 Day (approx.)
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Eines der größten und größten Bierfestivals der Welt und ein fester Favorit auf der Wunschliste eines jeden Reisenden. Oktoberfest! Hier fließen große, starke deutsche Biere mit leckerer bayerischer Küche kombiniert mit Tanzkapellen und Carnical Rides, was es zu einem der größten Festivals der Welt macht. Stoke Travel’s all-inclusive Oktoberfest-Pakete beinhalten: Festival-Eintritt, Unterkunft in vorgebauten Zwillingszelten mit Camping-Matratzen und Schlafsäcken, ein warmes Frühstück jeden Morgen und ein köstliches Abendessen am Abend, unsere weltberühmten Stoketoberfest-Camping-Partys, Führungen direkt Sie zu den Bierhallen und eine internationale Menge von gleichgesinnten Reisenden zum Feiern.

- Was Wirst Du Tun

8.00 - 10.00 Uhr Warmes Frühstück, damit Sie alle einen Tag mit Alkohol und Alkohol am Festival verbringen können

Ab 9 Uhr Machen Sie sich auf den Weg in die Bierhallen für einen Tag voller Possen. Treffen Sie uns im Augustiner-Festhalle Zelt!

20.00 bis 22.00 Uhr Abendessen inklusive jede Nacht. Massive Campingparty beginnt; das Bier und der Sangria werden fließen und die Musik wird anfangen zu pumpen

23:00 Das Oktoberfest schließt für die Nacht und alle, die den Tag überstanden haben, kehren zurück zum Campingplatz, um der Party beizuwohnen

- Was Ist Enthalten

Camping Unterkunft in Twin-share voraufgebauten Zelten mit Schaumstoffmatten und Schlafsäcken
Ein leckeres Frühstück jeden Morgen (Vegetarier können für gesorgt werden)
Ein herzhaftes und gesundes Abendessen jeden Abend (für Vegetarier kann gesorgt werden)
Guides, die Sie mit öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln zu den Oktoberfest-Bierhallen führen
Eine lustige Party-Atmosphäre mit internationaler Atmosphäre


What should we bring?
Something warm to sleep in, pillow and a torch for your tent, condoms (better safe than sorry!), your camera, an awesome party shirt.
Are there shuttles to and from Oktoberfest?
No, but our guides will direct you onto public transport so you don’t get lost, just don’t stray too far. We find that no matter how many steins one has consumed, miraculously most of our guests come back safe and sound. Munich’s cheap and easy public transport leaves from the festival and takes you back to the campsite all day everyday. But be warned… if you don’t buy a ticket, you can be fined 60€ (that is the equivalent of a whole extra day and night at Oktuberfest!)
Who do we see when we arrive?
Check in at Stoke Reception for your tent allocation and orientation. The reception is open daily from 08:00 to 22:00. Out of hours, a security guard will check you into a tent and you can register with reception the next day.
What is the breakfast like?
Breakfast is whatever our in-house chefs decide on the day… whether it be pancakes and bacon, egg and bacon rolls, bacon and bacon rolls. It usually includes bacon. And if you’re a veg or vegan you can have non-bacon stuff. Our chefs are awesome. Bloody talented is what they are.
How many people can fit in the tents?
We have two-person tents and 7-person teepees. If you are a group of three, one of you will be tented with a new friend of the same sex. Just let us know your preferences on arrival and we’ll do our best to allocate you the tent you would like (subject to availability). For those anti-social humans, we offer private tents for a small additional fee. We understand our guests’ needs… a little extra room for a special someone if the night leads there. Please don’t padlock your tent if you haven’t paid for a solo tent upgrade (we will just cut it off).
What if I don’t want to walk 20m and I want to be tented next to my friend?
Check in at the same time and we’ll do our best to help with your separation anxiety.
What amenities are offered at the camp site?
The campsite offers spacious bathrooms and hot showers for a 1€ token purchased at Guru tent. There’s a restaurant/cafe, vending machines, the best Schnitzel food cart in the world and a little essentials store. WiFi (€2 for 10hrs) and charging stations are available in certain areas and tokens are sold at the campsite reception for laundry facilities.
Where can we buy Lederhosens and Dirndls?
We sell traditional festival costumes as well as awesomely stylish Stoke hoodies, tee- shirts, beanies and all sorts of other handy knick-knacks.
Can we reserve a table in beer halls?
Yes, you just need to prepay for food and drink vouchers and your table can be reserved. This is subject to availability so email info@stoketravel.com as soon as you can for more information.
If we are camping does that mean we’ll be attacked by wild animals?
We serve unlimited alcohol at our camps. You, my friend, will be the wild animal.
Where is Starbucks?
Near Haupthbhanof in Zentrum of Munich, there are plenty.
Do the tents have hot water, laptops, power-points, king size beds or fridges?
They’re tents. But if you do want to get fancy, check out our Glamping option.
Is there a guru to answer all my questions?
Yes! Head to our friendly and sometimes tipsy team at the Guru Tent. They’ll have answers on how to get to the beer halls, your breakfast/dinner tickets, your shower tokens, phone charging, what to do in Munich, and how to book your next Stoke Travel trip.
When can I check in?
Check in: 14:00. Check out: 11:00. If you arrive earlier than 14:00, we’ll be happy to put you in your tent if it’s available and or keep you hydrated with beers while you wait.
How do get cash money?
There isn’t an ATM at the campsite, so grab your cash beforehand or at the Oktoberfest festival.
Where can I get my unlimited booze from?
For €10/night you can enjoy unlimited beer and sangria at Stoketoberfest, available at our campsite bar. Open 8am to 11pm.
Does the bus come both ways on one side of the road?
What the F$%# ?
Who are Stoke Travel?
We’re the favourite choice for the backpacker on a budget, the student with some study abroad holidays to burn, the gap year gapper with a gap in their galavanting, the solo traveler looking for some soul mates or the group travel group. We cater to travellers from all over the world so you’ll be partying with people from over 70 different nationalities. Our Stokies want the most affordable experience worth top value at the world’s best and craziest festivals and destinations with an authentic feel, a flexible schedule and options to suit your budget. The best fiestas are easily accessible with our low cost, high fun trips. You could say travel parties and festivals around Europe are our jam.

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Price per person:
2 nights all inclusive package: 130.00 
4 nights ultimate oktoberfest adventure package: 240.00 
Ride with us from Barcelona 2 nights package: 360.00 
Ride with us from Prague 2 nights package: 220.00 
Ride with us from Amsterdam 2 nights package: 255.00 
Ride with us from Torino 2 nights package: 220.00 


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