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Guatemala: Touren & Erlebnisse

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Guatemala, ein zentralamerikanisches Land südlich von Mexiko, beheimatet Vulkane, Regenwälder und uralte Mayastätten. Die Hauptstadt Guatemala-Stadt verfügt über den stattlichen Nationalpalast für Kultur und das Nationalmuseum für Archäologie und Ethnologie. Antigua, westlich der Hauptstadt, enthält erhaltene spanische Kolonialgebäude. Der Atitlán-See, der sich in einem massiven Vulkankrater befindet, ist von Kaffeefeldern und Dörfern umgeben.

Was sagen die Leute

"C'était magnifique. Le conducteur très aimable, il nous a tous montré, tous expliqué, avec le sens d'humeur. Les paysages magestueux. C'était la recommandation de ma fille, qui a déjà été dans cette zone. Le servie aux clients très agréable. Donne des solutionstoute suite. Je vous souhaite une bonne continuation et courage avec la situation actuelle. "
"Bruno and Carlos were very good skippers. We saw a lot of caves and made many pictures of them. "
"This boat tour was one of the highlights in my entire life! The coastline of the Algarve is so beautiful. I didnt expect to see dolphins but we saw them directly in front of our boat. It was very peaceful which was the most important thing for me. I think the dolphins flirted with us and did tricks;) I cried with joy afterwards and save this memory as a very special one :) This tour is a must when you travel to the Algarve "
"Experiencia totalmente recomendable. Un paseo muy agradable,y con personal muy atento. Vimos los delfines estupendamente!!! Para recomendar y repetir."
"The boat and kayak tour was such an amazing experience. The crew was excellent, explained to everyone how to ride a kayak, and were always concerned with the participants. In addition to taking us to see countless caves, they also told stories about them. I I highly recommend this tour and I will definitely go back for more."
"Foi uma experiência ótima, tudo foi muito bem explicado pelo guia Egas a quem muito agradecemos. Na certa que quando a oportunidade surgir iremos repetir ;) "

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