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Chiapas: Touren & Erlebnisse

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Chiapas ist ein süd-mexikanischer Bundesstaat, der an Guatemala grenzt. Das gebirgige Hochland und der dichte Regenwald sind mit Maya-Ausgrabungsstätten und spanischen Kolonialstädten übersät. In der Kolonialstadt San Cristóbal de las Casas beherbergt der Komplex Templo y Ex-Convento Santo Domingo eine barocke Kirche und ein Museum mit regionalen Artefakten. In der Umgebung befindet sich ein Marktplatz, der Gegenstände wie bunte Webereien verkauft.

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Was sagen die Leute

"The boat trip was under the leading of a very kind captain and a nice guide, you always felt save. The caves were worth the trip and the money. The information on department time and location were reliable. "
"After many hours of research online I chose this tour because WE wanted to go to Benagil caves, but I also wanted to not just see but have fun in the water. I was not disappointed I chose the right tour for the 5 of us! It was amazing! Yes very energetic while on the paddle boards but what we saw going into the caves and the tour guides info fascinated me. We were blessed with calm sea and no wind. It was the highlight of our holiday. Thank you so much "
"The boat tour was an amazing experience, we had lots of fun, I definitely recommend it! A big thank you to the crew members (can't remember their names) who were very nice 😉"
"Parfait. Les guides étaient très agréables et l'activité enrichissante. "
"Never thought our experience would be as good as it was. To see so many dolphins literally playing in the sea alongside our boat was absolutely magical, so close you could almost touch them. An experience I will never forget and always treasure."
"Visiting the cave was something that exceeded my expectations. The weather and the sea waves were a little rough for the normal atmosphere of early September, but it was incredible. The small swell of the sea brought even more adventure to the experience. The guide's constant attention and care also made it possible to visit safely, without any doubt that we were safe."

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