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Montalcino: Tours y Experiencias

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Montalcino en Toscana, Italia, es famoso por su prestigioso vino Brunello. Es uno de los puntos destacados de Val d'Orcia, una zona pintoresca al sur de Siena.

Montalcino está dominado por una fortaleza imponente y bendecido con una historia impresionante. Pero esta ciudad medieval de la cima de la colina es indiscutiblemente mejor conocida por sus vinos, y es el hogar de Brunello di Montalcino, uno de los tintos más famosos del mundo.

Se encuentra a 50 km. al sur de Siena en Toscana. El acceso a Montalcino es impresionante, con agujas medievales y su gran fortaleza que se eleva sobre el valle verde a continuación. Una vez que esté allí, sus angostas y empinadas calles medievales y sus edificios de piedra son el escenario perfecto para ir de compras y degustar vinos.

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"The guys at SeaSiren tours were unbelievably great! Our group was a little late but they waited for us when they didn't have to, they explained the whole process thoroughly, and the system they had for getting everyone in and out of the kayaks was phenomenal! The boat ride was gorgeous, the caves were awe inspiring, and the men running it were absolutely delightful. I can not recommend them enough!"
"This was without a doubt an informative tour about an important topic that doesn't get talked about very much in Portugal. Rui was a excellent tour guy who was very attentive to everyone's needs on the tour, and demonstrated his knowledge of this topic. In addition to speaking, he illustrated his talk with visual materials that really added to his presentation. He took us to many different sites related to Portugal's involvement in the slave trade, made sure he answered our many questions, and left me feeling as if I had learned so much! This is a must-see for anyone who is in Lisbon, include those who are Portuguese and were never taught this history in school. Thank-you Rui for such a valuable 2 1/2 hrs! "
"My friend and I had an amazing time! ALEX WAS THE BEST!! They are so knowledgeable about the dolphins and answered all our questions. Price was good, honestly would of paid more. Highly recommend without a doubt. "
"El guía Alex extraordinari. Molt atent i molt bon professional. "
"Odlično , prezadovoljni smo. Silvio"
"We spent a lovely day with Lucy visiting a banana plantation, where we could ask all our questions about banana famring. Then we went to a center for agricultural development (fruit trees) where we saw many different kinds of fruit trees and learned about grafting methods. After that we visited a banana cooperative and saw how the bananas are delivered and packaged. Afterwards we headed to Henriques&Henriques for some wine tasting before going for lunch where we had traditional food from Madeira. To finish off the day we saw a farm with dairy and meat cattle. We really appreciated Lucy's vast knowledge about agriculture and Madeira in general. We had a great time and recommend the it to anyone who wants to do a tour that is a bit different from the other touristic tours. "

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