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Uno de los países más encantadores de Europa y del mundo, Italia es conocida por su rica cultura, historia viva y paisajes surrealistas. Es uno de los clásicos destinos de los viajeros, y sus monumentos efervescentes en cualquier época del año, llenos de turistas. Por un lado, no es uno de los países más reservados pero es uno de los más preparados para recibir turistas. Un viaje a Italia es una experiencia que transforma la vida de cualquier persona, ya sea por la comida, las artes o el pueblo italiano. Será uno de los mejores viajes de su vida.

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"We went to the Vatican very early - did the basilica at 7am and then were in the small line for the dome at 8am. We paid the 8 euros to walk up. It is an easy climb as long as you’ve got sensible shoes and a moderate level of fitness. At 8am we had the stairs to ourselves. By the time we got to the top there was more of a crowd so I can only imagine how busy it gets later in the day. On the trip down the stairs we stopped at the level that the elevator goes to and had a coffee and croissant for a very reasonable price. It was nice to sit up on the dome having some breakfast. The little restaurant/cafeteria was also very quiet with mostly just staff having coffee."
"We did the St. Peter's Dome climb/Basilica/Vatacombs tour in the morning followed by the Vatican Museum/Sistene Chapel tour in the afternoon. We had Chiara as a tour guide for both. She is a very knowledgeable, passionate and humorous guide who brought an amazing energy to the day. She did a great job at presenting tons of historical info while also moving the group along very busy sites."

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