Arouca Monastery

Everyone who tries to reach the heart of Arouca doesn’t arrive at the destination without crossing the greatest granite building of its nature, in Portugal. People say that Arouca was born and raised in the shadow of these walls. Not these walls, actually, since the early convent was built in another place, in the 10th century. Like any other land with a monastery, Arouca saw its economy, agriculture, gastronomy, culture, and of course, its religiosity influenced by the meaning of this building.

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Excursion D’une Journée À Arouca

Un Geopark est un monde à découvrir, plein d'innombrables occasions de se demander, de s'émerveiller, d'être surpris de la meilleure façon possible! Osez-vous vous rejoindre dans cette aventure?

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Feel Arouca Natural – Paiva Walkways, Restaurant Typique Et Bien Plus Encore

Commencez à découvrir la nature avec nous et à connaître les meilleurs secrets cachés d'arouca!

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All Experiences That Will Take You To Arouca Monastery