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Island of Terceira

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The second most inhabited island in the Azores, Terceira Island is one of the archipelago's cultural centers. In the center, the island is marked by the Caldeira de Guilherme Moniz, flooded by lavas with two thousand years of age from the cone of Algar do Carvão. The vestiges of volcanic activity assume in the Third peculiar forms, spectacular and easily visited. The dominant green of the interior of the island fades in its periphery, where the human occupation and the color of the houses dictate its rules. And where it gains weight the lilac color of the façades of the buildings, especially of its capital, Angra do Heroísmo. Terceira Island is one of the favorite islands of travelers visiting the Azores.

Top Tours & Activities in Island of Terceira

Boat Tour Around Terceira Island, From Angra Do Heroísmo

Come and enjoy a boat trip with your family or with friends around Terceira Island and enjoy the magnificent landscapes of the Azores archipelago, from Angra do Heroísmo.

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Swimming With Dolphins In Island Of Terceira, Azores

Swimming with dolphins is a unique experience that will provide you with incredible and unforgettable moments. Make the most of your visit to Terceira Island and take a closer look at the marine life of the Azores Archipelago.

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Whale And Dolphin Watch + Coastal Tour On Terceira Island, Azores

Terceira Island is one of the best places for sighting and watching cetaceans. Therefore, when visiting the island, do not miss the opportunity to mark an exit of "Whale and Dolphin Watching" with our team and be dazzled by this unique experience.

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Gastronomic Tour In Terceira Island, Azores Archipelago

Enjoy the typical gastronomy of Terceira Island and fall in love with the melody of flavors that we have to offer you in this fantastic return to the island in more than 15 historical stops, 7 traditional snacks and 2 more typical meals and characteristics of Terceira Island.

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Guided Tour In Terceira Island, Azores

Would you like to get to know Terceira Island? Come and enjoy the island with our guide. Visit all the sights, rural, environmental and natural. Through the middle of its discovery we offer a meal. Come discover what Terceira has the best to offer with us.

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Guided Tour Of The Fortresses Of Angra Do Heroísmo, Terceira Island

This 2h30 ride gives you the opportunity to visit the ancient fortresses of the city of Angra do Heroísmo, on Terceira Island. This is a unique and exclusive experience that we have created for you, and it will be a true time travel.

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Stand Up Paddle (Sup) On Terceira Island, Azores

Explore Terceira Island in a completely different way and challenge your adventurous side. The Archipelago of the Azores is the perfect setting to have an excellent experience of SUP - Stand Up Paddle, exploring the landscapes in a pleasant, challenging and very safe way, with specialized guide accompaniment. The highlight of your vacation.

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Snorkeling In Angra Do Heroísmo Underwater Archaeological Park

One of the greatest treasures of the world resides in the sea. Our crystal clear waters, rock formations and underwater biodiversity, make the Azores the perfect place to practice snorkeling.

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