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Have you ever been to Aveiro?

Aveiro is a charming Portuguese town that makes for an enjoyable, alternative tourist destination. The town has an extensive history which is closely intertwined with the growth and decline of its port and saltwater lagoons.Aveiro is crossed by canals and along these waterways colourful and traditional fishing boats sail. Aveiro is an interesting destination for either a day trip or as part of a tour of central Portugal.

Best Things To Do in Aveiro

1 - Aveiro Lagoon

The Aveiro Lagoon is a result of the retreat of the sea, with the formation of sandy shores that, from the XVI century, started to form a lagoon that forms one of the most beautiful and important geographical accidents on the Portuguese coast.

2 - Moliceiros

"Moliceiros" is the name of the typical boats present on the Ria de Aveiro, the lagoon region of the Vouga river. This vessel was originally used to catch the seaweed, but nowadays it is used as an attraction among turists.

3 - Praça do Peixe

The construction of the Fish Square, unique example of the iron architecture in Aveiro, appeared in one of the most typical spaces of the city, where currently you can find the majority of the amusements of the city nightlife.

4 - The Jesus Monastery

The Jesus Monastery, currently the Aveiro Museum, is located on the Glória parish, Aveiro. It was a monastery of the feminine Dominican order and today it is an important museum, with a particular focus on particular art or Sacra.

5 - Aveiro Cathedral

The origins of Aveiro's church goes back to the XV century. It was by the time the church of the St. Domingos convent, founded in 1423 by the infant D. Pedro.

6 - Aveiro's Lighthouse

Aveiro's lighthouse or Barra's lighthouse is the biggest lighthouse of Portugal. It's on th Barra beach, at the southern margin of the Ria de Aveiro in Gafanha de Nazaré parish, Ílhavo's country.

7 - Costa Nova Houses

The wooden houses of Costa Nova are the first typical houses of this Ilhavo's county beach and were built by fishermen to save their fishing material. They are all turned to the bay, making a beautiful huge palette of colors.

What People Are Saying

"El guía Alex extraordinari. Molt atent i molt bon professional. "
"Es un tour que vale mucho la pena! Tuvimos de guía a George y siempre fue muy amable y preparado en el tema! La biblioteca de la Universidad en Coimbra es algo increíble que no te puedes perder! "
"On September 6, 2018, we went on a private tour to Coimbra and Aveiro. Our guide was Tiago and at 9 AM he was waiting for us in front of our hotel. Our first stop was the beautiful Coimbra which followed by exquisite lunch at Rei Dos Lei Toes. During lunch, Tiago introduced us to traditional Portuguese food and traditions. After lunch, we went to Aveiro and enjoyed a boat ride on the Canal. Tiago was an excellent guide, lovely, personable. He answered all our questions about the various places we visited and make us feel very comfortable. At the end of the tour, we were dropped at our hotel."
"Our tour guide Miguel was a true gentleman and a professional. Miguel is very knowledgeable, accommodating and attentive. Our tour began with our journey to Portugal’s first capital of Coimbra. It is also a university town. Beautiful campus, library, and chapel. Great town to explore. We stopped at a beautiful restaurant, Metas dos Leitoes, for traditional regional lunch of a succulent pig, potatoes, salad, wine and dessert. It was delectable! Then off to Aveiro for a traditional boat ride and brief tour of the town. Miguel got us one the most delicious treats ever called “Ovos Moles”, absolutely delicious! All in all it was a wonderful day. Again, so glad Miguel was our guide."
"Fizemos o tour de um dia para Coimbra e Aveiro. (Eu e minha mãe). O guia MIGUEL nos buscou no hotel na hora combinada e durante todo o passeio demonstrou boa vontade e conhecimento de toda a região através de diversas explicações. Em Coimbra além das visitas programadas, caminhamos pelas ruas típicas também. Depois tivemos a indicação de um restaurante excelente entre uma cidade e outra onde comemos um saboroso leitão, típico da região. Em Aveiro fizemos um passeio para avistar a parte mais charmosa da cidade através de um moliceiro. Ficamos encantadas com ambas as cidades. Recomendamos tanto o passeio como o guia, com certeza!"
"Fiz bate e volta para Aveiro e Coimbra a partir de Porto e descobrir como Portugal consegue sempre ser surpreendente. Me apaixonei por cada detalhe. Eu indico."

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