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Have you ever been to Vouzela?

The beautiful village of Vouzela, county seat, is located in the beautiful region of Beira Alta, in the fertile Lafões area, enchanting by its natural beauty, heritage and ancient history.

In fact, this is a village with very remote origins, there are several ancient legacies, such as the Castle of the Lady of the Castle, or the heritage of the Roman Empire that knew how to take advantage of the centrality of the region in its important road axis, here are two important routes, one of them leaving for the coast.

Located in a verdant region of great natural beauty and a strong rural and traditional character, Vouzela also has an interesting architectural heritage, highlighting the beautiful Romanesque Mother Church, Pelourinho, the Church of the Misericordia of the XVIII century, the beautiful Chapel of St. Frei Gil dating back to the 17th century, as well as the various Manor and Solar houses, built with the typical granite of the region, which can be found throughout the region, denoting the agricultural importance and consequent generation of wealth for the "Lords of the Earth" "Over the centuries.

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