Crystals Las Vegas

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Crystals Las Vegas: Built in the city's newest area with spectacular design, the Crustals shopping mall has become a landmark of luxury in Las Vegas. More than 46,000 square meters of pure exclusivity.
There's no doubt that Las Vegas is a fun town, but sometimes you just miss that true, city feel.
Crystals is like its own metropolitan city. With its stunning architecture, gardens, water displays and shopping selection, Crystals is a day trip on its own. Have your camera phone handy. Aside from the high-end retail shops, you'll have plenty of photo ops in front of snazzy looking fixtures.
Take the water features, for instance. Created by WET Design, these fixtures will blow your mind. One water feature includes tubes with neon lights and water twirling on the inside. The other water feature displays color-changing columns of ice with crackles that change each time the ice comes up to the surface.

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