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Além da Caverna Azul na ilha de Bisevo, a incrível segunda caverna que você não pode perder em sua viagem para a Croácia é a Caverna Verde na ilha de Ravnik, a uma curta distância da ilha de Vis. Ilha Ravnik é uma pequena ilha desabitada cuja popularidade é principalmente devido à presença de Green Cave, que esconde em sua barriga. Gruta Verde ou Gruta Verde, como alguns gostam de chamá-lo, está localizado no lado sudoeste da ilha de Ravnik e é um deve parar em todos os passeios de lancha que visitam Blue Cave e arquipélago Vis.

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"It was an amazing tour! We did a lot of nice things and saw wonderful places. It was totally worth the money! If you are in Split, Trogir or somewhere in that neighbourhood, you have to book that trip or definetely this tour! The skippers are very nice, kind and amazing! It was not only the beauty of Croatia but for sure also Toni & Josipa that made this tour a high level vacay moment! Thanks for everything and for the amazing perfect tour! Kind regards from those crazy Belgian people in front of the speedboat!"
"The tour was so great. Mario and Josipa were fantastic hosts, really caring, offered us water, jackets and always checking up on us, offered some very interesting facts as well and very easy to talk to. They timed it brilliantly so that we didn’t have to really queue for the Blue Cave. The islands we visited were beautiful and we even had a little untouched beach to ourselves! Once in Hvar they recommended a particular restaurant that gave us 15% off and the food was great! Overall very well organised and just great all round."

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