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A floresta Laurissilva da ilha da Madeira é um dos mais belos tesouros naturais da região. Ocupando cerca de 20% do território total da ilha, a floresta indígena foi classificada como Património Mundial Natural da Humanidade pela UNESCO em 1999.
Após cerca de 20 milhões de anos, a Laurissilva da Madeira é protegida por parques naturais e lar de várias levadas e cartões postais.

O Que As Pessoas Estão A Dizer

"We spent a lovely day with Lucy visiting a banana plantation, where we could ask all our questions about banana famring. Then we went to a center for agricultural development (fruit trees) where we saw many different kinds of fruit trees and learned about grafting methods. After that we visited a banana cooperative and saw how the bananas are delivered and packaged. Afterwards we headed to Henriques&Henriques for some wine tasting before going for lunch where we had traditional food from Madeira. To finish off the day we saw a farm with dairy and meat cattle. We really appreciated Lucy's vast knowledge about agriculture and Madeira in general. We had a great time and recommend the it to anyone who wants to do a tour that is a bit different from the other touristic tours. "
"We thoroughly enjoyed our agricultural day. Lucy, the guide was very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and kind. She made the day extra special . We learnt so much about the Island and it's agriculture. Definitely a tour worth doing and such a treat to get away from tourist areas."
"We got a very intimante guided tour by Lucy. Lucy is super friendly and helpful. She is very competent and knows a lot about agriculture. We visited different agricultural sights. Along the way, you will learn much about the histories behind the different farmers and how they do agriculture in Madeira. Highly recommended. "
"This was an excellent all day tour and one of the highlights of our holiday. Although we had toured the island extensively by hire car we gained so much more from this private tour. Our guide was very knowledgeable and answered all our questions and much more. We are keen gardeners and the diversity of the island flora was of great interest to us. We came away feeling we knew much more about Madeira her history, economy and people than we would otherwise have done. Highly recommended."
"We learned so much from Lucy's farm tour. The information about each farm stop came from the heart."

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