Experitour & Fareharbor Integration Guide: How To Connect Your Products

Are you a Supplier on Experitour that uses Fareharbor to manage your online bookings? Connect your account to ours and let’s work better together!

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If you are reading this article, you are one of our amazing tour Suppliers that happens to use the Online Booking Software Fareharbor to manage your bookings. In this post, we’ll guide you through the process of connecting your products on Fareharbor to your products on Experitour.

Did you know that Experitour and Fareharbor are integrated partners and that your experiences featured on Experitour can use the information you have saved on Fareharbor?

Yes! This means that if you have already created your products on Fareharbor, you can use their product id to connect to your products on Experitour.

What information is connected to Experitour?

Our integration with Fareharbor is vital for the correct availability and prices of the products you create on Experitour. When you close the date on the calendar on Fareharbor, the calendar on Experitour is automatically updated! Also when you change the prices of a product on Fareharbor, the product you have on Experitour is updated.

It guarantees us to have real-time availability and prices and to avoid complications with customers. Wrong calendars and prices are a big problem in the online business. With the integration, sales work much better and everyone is happy!

I have my account on Fareharbor. How can I connect to Experitour?

Follow these steps to connect your Supplier account on Fareharbor to Experitour.com’s OTA account.

  1. Contact both Experitour and Fareharbor: Write an email to report the desire to open a connection between your account and Experitour’s, send it to the Fareharbor Support Team and us, at general@experitour.com.
  2. Specify the conditions: Make sure you explain on the email some important information, such as your username, our username that is experitoureuro, and the specific commission agreed.
  3. Fill the Fareharbor New Affiliate Request Form: It ensures Fareharbor gets all of the necessary and accurate information to complete this request effectively for you. Once completed this form goes over to Fareharbor’s Channel Development team so they can begin working on this for you and get everything built out accurately.

When the Fareharbor team confirms the connection, you will be able to proceed with the integration with Experitour. The Support Team is very attentive and usually responds very quickly.

I am connected to Experitour on Fareharbor. How do I connect my products?

Once the connection is completed, it’s time to edit your products on Experitour.com.

Each product on Fareharbor is entitled to a product code. It is usually a 6-digit number that works as an id of that specific product on the website. Your account also holds a specific username, which you’ll need to know for the integration with Experitour.

To connect a Fareharbor product to an Experitour product, all you have to do is to simply copy the product code on Fareharbor, copy your username and paste it on the Product Form on Experitour.com.

  1. Log in to your Experitour Supplier account
  2. Click on My Products
  3. Click on Edit Product Title
  4. Select “Yes” on the question “Do you use any bookings manager platform?”
  5. Select the Fareharbor Bookings Manager Platform
  6. Paste the Fareharbor product code on the box
  7. Write your username on Fareharbor Company Shortname
  8. Click to save. (If your product is already online, this is the last step.)
  9. If you are creating a new product, proceed to fill all the steps until the product status is Under Review.

At last, our Product Management team will confirm the product codes and the username on Fareharbor and publish your product on Experitour product as soon as possible.

Thank you for the amazing work!

Now your Experitour product is properly integrated with your Fareharbor account!

Need some extra help? Contact us and we will be happy to help you!

Post written by Letícia Melo.

Hi there, I'm Leticia! Living in Portugal since 2017, I'm a Brazilian writer passionate about traveling, discovering new cultures, beaches and music! Let's share our best experiences!

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