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Tansania ist ein ostafrikanisches Land, das für seine ausgedehnten Wildnisgebiete bekannt ist. Dazu gehören die Ebenen des Serengeti Nationalparks, ein Safari-Mekka, das von den "Big Five" -Spielen (Elefanten, Löwen, Leoparden, Büffel, Nashörner) bevölkert wird, und der Kilimanjaro National Park, Heimat von Afrikas höchstem Berg. Offshore liegen die tropischen Inseln Sansibar mit arabischen Einflüssen und Mafia mit einem Meerespark, in dem Walhaie und Korallenriffe leben.

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"A faire absolument genial Lutia est top "
"Don't spend more time and have a cooking classe with Luty as soon as possible !! The whole experience was very well organized . She brings us at the Darajani market and we bought the food for the meal. She answered all of our questions. Her English is really good so it was easy to have a real conversation in despite of her early 20 years old! The visit at the farm was animated by a funny guy who has a really good English too. To go to Luty's house, we had to cross a beautiful garden witch has so many spices and vegetables ! When we arrived at her house, the preparation was made and we cooked 4 meals all together . She explained us all the steps and made us try every special tools step by step . The food was really tasty and so delicious and a good mention for the Chapati !!! At the end, Luty tooks the dalaldala with us to come back at the Darajani market . The only thing that's was difficult... it was to say good bye to her. She lets us be a part of her casual lifestyle. So, we are gonna remember this perfect day for all time because we passed a real good moment. The thing we like the most of this experience is that we lived a real African moment with the reality that comes with it. I recommande this cooking class with Luty : I'm sure she's the best ;)"

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