(English) Post-Pandemic Travel: What to Know Before Booking Your Holidays

(English) The world is returning to normality, and it will be able to schedule its trips. However, there is still a lot of care to be taken, since the pandemic is not fully controlled. We then created an article to prepare your trip in the best possible way.

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It was feared that we could no longer travel in 2020, but a huge global effort, which counted on the social conscience of all of us, prevented a brutal proliferation of the pandemic.

Still, although we can travel, we have to be careful.

Post-Pandemic Travel: What to Know Before Booking Your Vacation
Post-Pandemic Travel: What to Know Before Booking Your Vacation

Safety recommendations

At the outset, we speak of the basic and globally advisable: the use of a mask and the frequent use of disinfectant gel or spray, such as maintaining a social distance of 1 to 2 meters. Therefore, it is recommended that you always wear masks and disinfectant. Do not underestimate the thermometer as well, and make sure to take one with you when you travel.

One can never be too careful

As tourism reopens, establishments are preparing for the pandemic situation and how to deal with it. It is, therefore, expected that you will find disinfectant gel in the vicinity of each establishment, and that in places such as restaurants, the tables will be far apart in order to guarantee the distance between customers.

Get ready before you travel

With regard to travel, it is highly likely that you will have to test for COVID-19 before traveling. You will be asked to provide proof that you have tested negative, and you may have to self-isolate eventually until you receive the results, obviously depending on how each country works.


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Remember to always follow the safety recommendations indicated by the World Health Organization, take care of your health and that of others.

Where can I travel?

As for planning your holiday trip, we advise you to analyze your destination well. Find out about the place you want to visit, and find out if the country you are in advises you to go where you want to go. The ideal is to reconcile the advice of government authorities with a little knowledge resulting from self-research.

The reader should also be aware of some limitations in terms of transportation so that your stay is planned in the best way. As for public transport, such as trains and buses, there is a possibility that there are special timetables depending on the COVID-19. On the other hand, in transport such as Taxi or Uber, pay attention as the number of people allowed per vehicle is temporarily reduced.

Always try to avoid crowding for general safety

Whenever you can also try to buy tickets online to avoid the usual queues and physical contact. Pay attention to any possible promotions when you visit a place as we live in extraordinary times, and for that reason there are many promotions equally exceptional.

Besides, we suggest that if you have some of the symptoms mentioned by the health authorities, that you contact them quickly and follow the recommended guidelines, both for your own good and for the good of all.


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