Museo de Azulejos Portugueses

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This museum is housed in the Convento da Madre de Deus, a convent built in 1509 at the orders of the queen, Dona Leonor.

The building today is an interesting combination of some remarkable 17C architecture and exuberant 18C Baroque decorations. The visitor to the museum is able to walk around the whole of the convent, including the church, choir and cloisters.

The magnificent collection of azulejos includes a description of their historical, technical and artistic evolution in Portugal, from the 15C to the present day. Some of the highlights amongst the exhibits are the "Panel of Our Lady of Life" (c. 1580); the Altar Fronts with their oriental influences; the panels of hunting scenes (c. 1680); the "Dancing Lesson" (1707); the 18C tiles that line the walls of the Capela de Santo António; the "Panoramic View of Lisbon" before the earthquake in 1755; the "Hatter´s Story" (c. 1800); as well as some 20C ceramic pieces and azulejos by artists such as Júlio Barradas, Maria Keil, Júlio Pomar, Cargaleiro, Querubim Lapa, amongst others.

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