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This town near Lisbon, in the "saloia" (rustic) area, which used to supply the capital with garden produce, is famous for its imposing Palace-Convent, the largest edifice in Portugal, built by order of King Dom João V in the 18th century. The king, who still had no children three years after his marriage to Dona Maria Ana of Austria, promised the Franciscan firars that he would build them a convent in the Mafra area if his prayers for an heir to the throne were answered. So, on the occasion of the birth of his daughter Dona Maria Pia, he began the building, the plan for which was initially quite modest. After the German architect Ludwig was contracted, however, the plan underwent considerable changes as a result of the luxury Portugal was experiencing at the time on account of the wealth coming from Brazil. Hence this grandiose monument was built, (including a convent for 300 friars, a basilica and a 666-room royal palace), in a record time, from 1717 to 1730, to be inaugurated on the king´s 41st birthday. The Mafra Preserve which adjoins the Convent, acquired by King Dom João IV in the mid-18th century to enhance the value of the set of buildings, was used as a game reserve, and is now open to the public.

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Tour De Mafra

Mafra - es famoso por su palacio-convento, construido por el rey Juan V en el siglo XVIII como resultado de un voto que el joven rey había hecho si la reina D. María Ana de Austria le dio descendientes, el Palacio de Mafra es el un importante monumento barroco en Portugal, que integra un palacio real, una basílica, un convento franciscano y una importante biblioteca.

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Desde Lisboa: Tour Privado A Queluz, Mafra Y Ericeira

Comenzamos este romántico recorrido por el Palacio de Queluz, continuamos hacia Mafra donde visitaremos el Convento y Palacio de Mafra, pasamos por el pueblo en miniatura de José Franco y terminamos en el maravilloso pueblo de Ericiera.

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Tour De Mafra + Sintra

Visita al Palacio de Mafra, degustación de Vinos y Palacios en el centro de Sintra

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Queluz – Mafra – Ericeira, Tour Privado

Amanecer y atardecer de la última dinastía real portuguesa

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Palacio Nacional De Mafra, José Franco’s De La Aldea Y Ericeira

Venga a visitar la hermosa villa de Mafra y Ericeira!

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Paseo En Sintra Y Mafra

La costa oeste de Lisboa, el destino rural.

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