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É muito difícil dar fronteiras precisas para a área de Chianti na Toscana. Isso ocorre porque o nome do Chianti é tradicionalmente referido à área entre Florença e Siena, onde o vinho Chianti foi produzido e não uma área territorial definida com limites. Com o tempo, a área onde o vinho de Chianti é produzido cresceu.

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"Highly recommend this tour to wine lovers. The two wineries you visit are great and offer ample tastings and information regarding the regions wines. We were a little besos tanto to book because we figured it would be a rushed wine tasting with little amounts of tasting, however we are glad we did it as it was the exact opposite! We did not feel rushed at wine tasting and the wineries offered the perfect amount of its sample wines. Our tour did run a little late from the first wine tasting that the time spent visiting the town was shortened, however, we did not mind as it is a small little town that did not require much time to see. Overall and amazing experience, highly recommended!"
"Great value for money. I got to sample 6 glasses of wine in total as well as a couple of oils and balsamic vinegar. Absolute heaven would really recommend, such great value for money. Our tour guide Serena was incredibly patient and very informative. You will not be disappointed with this your!"

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