(English) Algarve Summer: How to Enjoy the Ria Formosa

(English) One of the most important natural parks in Portugal, Ria Formosa offers a wide variety of outdoor tours for nature lovers. Find out more about this beauty of the Algarve with Experitour.

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The Algarve is famous among many tourists for its beautiful beaches, but this region of Portugal hides a natural paradise where vegetation and animals coexist in harmony, the Ria Formosa Natural Park.

Today we will discover the best things to do in this region.

The main way of locomotion in the Ria Formosa is through boats, allowing a beautiful view of the landscape

The Ria Formosa is located on the east side of the Algarve, and it extends through the municipalities of Loulé, Faro, Olhão, Tavira and Vila Real de Santo António, covering a huge natural area along 60 km from Ancão beach to Manta Rota beach.

It was considered one of the most beautiful parks in the Algarve, having a great function and a beautiful habitat.


The park of the ria is so vast that it can be explored by land and water through several boat trips with the incredible tourist guides of the region. To have access to the best opportunities to explore this incredible place just click here.

What to do there?

Bird watching

Put on your hat and have fun discovering one of the best bird watching spots

On this type of excursion, we explore the protected areas of Ludo and Quinta do Lago. These two areas are a paradise for wildlife observers and your experienced local guide will show you the great diversity of fauna and make the most of the time spent in this beautiful protected wetland in the Algarve.

There are bird watching tours of all types, with walks, with segways, boat trips … Take the chance to compare and choose the best experience for you.

Trekking and Bike Tours

The natural park has a huge extension, making possible a great morning ride

The Ria Formosa has some land parts that can be explored easily. They are long routes that can be done on foot or by bicycle and in them you will see the marshes of the Park, the freshwater lagoons and the tidal plains that form this important peaceful habitat. In other words, you can exercise while admiring the natural beauty.

You can rent a bicycle or join a group guided by a professional, take a look at this tour from Faro.

Boat Tours

The heat of the Algarve summer makes boat trips more sought after by everyone, after all there is nothing refreshing like a bath in the sea

That’s definitely the highlight of Ria Formosa. During all its extension we can know several paradise islands that have the charm of the Algarve.

There are several options of routes leaving from several cities but the important thing is to visit the main islands: Lighthouse Island, Desert Island, Culatra Island, Armona Island, Faro Island.

The boat routes allow everyone to visit all the islands in a single day, making breaks for tourists to explore, have lunch in the restaurants that exist in some of the islands and refresh themselves in the waters of the Algarve.

Kayak & Stand-Up Paddle

If you like to venture out, take the board or the kayak and let’s go for it

The calm waters of the Ria Formosa are also a great option for those who like to spend their energy playing sports. Being practically a natural pool, the Ria Formosa allows athletes of all levels and even those curious about these activities to enjoy and have a good experience. Whether it’s learning to row or even exploring nature, the Ria Formosa is welcoming with all its visitors.

Independent travelers generally like to rent kayaks and explore more, but what we recommend is to join a group kayak tour guided through the labyrinthine channels of the Ria. These are incredible experiences that will surely stay in your holiday memory.


There are undoubtedly several options to make the most of the Algarve, so when you go on your visit don’t forget to explore the Ria Formosa natural park, a jewel of the southern Portugal.


The Ria Formosa has a huge extension so to know everything it provides you need to take at least three days apart just for that.

To make the most of your visit remember to check this list prepared especially for you! We hope you have a great time discovering the nature of Ria Formosa.

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