Historical Algarve: The 5 Monuments You Must Visit

Deceive yourself if you think that the Algarve is just sun, beaches and bars. The Algarve region is also very rich in terms of history! Check out our top 5 of most remarkable monuments in the Algarve!

Looking for the historical Algarve? During your stay in the Algarve, which must undoubtedly be based mostly on sunbathing on the extraordinary beaches that the region has to offer, you can take a day or two for a more historical and cultural tour!

Don’t worry that these visits will not be boring! In addition to the beauty of the monuments that we are about to list, you can also enjoy the magnificent landscapes that surround them!

From fortresses to castles, passing through ruins, we made a top 5 of the most striking monuments in the Algarve that the reader must visit. We are not going to stretch any further, so let’s get down to business!

Our top 5 of most remarkable monuments in the Algarve!


1. Sagres Fortress

Historical Algarve: The 5 Monuments You Must Visit
After an abysmal entrance, you can visit the interior of the Sagres Fortress

Let me tell you this before anything else: you will be dazzled as soon as you see the fortress. In addition to the portentous fortress, you will have a long, but fast, path that takes you to the monument and that will make you imagine what it would have been like in the past!

Once in the Sagres Fortress you can then marvel at the magnificent view over the coast and get to know more about this historic site.

Take the opportunity to visit one of the most visited monuments in the Algarve and discover all its importance in addition to the historical connection to the Portuguese discoveries.

2. Paderne Castle

Historical Algarve: The 5 Monuments You Must Visit
The Castle of Paderne is also one of the 7 castles represented on the flag of Portugal. Explore this wonder!

Although strongly shaken over the years, the Castle of Paderne is still one of the main tourist and historical points of the Algarve.

In addition to its historical significance, which you can learn more about when visiting the place, here you can also take a very interesting trail that culminates in the castle and has an impressive natural landscape.

The Castle of Paderne is one of the main examples of military architecture with Islamic influence from the entire Iberian peninsula, having been built during the 11th century.

Don’t forget, when you pass through Albufeira, take a break from the beach and visit this historic monument!

3. Roman Ruins of Milreu

Historical Algarve: The 5 Monuments You Must Visit
Visiting a monument with such a distant history … impressive!

Formerly occupied by members of high social and political status, in the Roman Ruins of Milreu, in Estói, near Faro, you will be able to appreciate several ruins discovered in the late 19th century.

Enjoy ancient elements that are still preserved there during a visit to one of the most important Roman archaeological places in Portugal.

Considered a National Monument, it is deduced that the space was inhabited between the 1st and 11th centuries.

Know more about this piece of Portuguese history and appreciate the beauty that the experience provides!

4. Silves Castle

Historical Algarve: The 5 Monuments You Must Visit
The most beautiful example of Islamic military architecture. This is what many say and defines Silves Castle very well.

With over a thousand years of existence, and recognized as one of the main Arab heritage in Portugal, Silves Castle impresses not only for its longevity, but also for its resistance to various earthquakes and its historical importance.

 Despite this damage caused over all these years by various natural phenomena, Silves Castle has been a constant target of protection for the Portuguese State, which works to protect this amazing monument.

When in the Algarve take a day to learn more about its history and enjoy a monument whose purpose was military and with strong Arab influences!

5. Aljezur Castle

Historical Algarve: The 5 Monuments You Must Visit
Aljezur Castle became known as the last Islamic castle to be conquered by Christians in the Algarve

Classified as a Property of Public Interest, in 1977, and represented in the Flag of Portugal, the Castle of Aljezur is a visit to do when in the Algarve.

Enjoy, from the castle, a fantastic panoramic view over several points that make up the village of Aljezur.

Used for a strategic purpose at the time of the Christian reconquest, on the site were found testimonies that date back to the Bronze Age!

What are you waiting for to visit this place capable of sending us to such distant times? Enjoy and visit the Castle of Aljezur!

So, which ones were your favorites?? Book your amazing tour here!! 


Post written by Fábio Coelho.

I was born in 1998 and I'm from Portalegre, but I live in Albufeira. I am currently finishing my degree in Communication Sciences, at the University of Algarve. I am passionate about journalism, radio and everything that involves communication.

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