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Fars is a province in southwest Iran known for its rich Persian culture and history. Vestiges of the powerful Achaemenid Empire include the terraced 518 B.C. palace complex in Persepolis, and the Pasargadae archaeological site with its Tomb of Cyrus. Southwest of both, the leafy provincial capital, Shiraz, is centered on the turreted Karim Khan citadel. The nearby Pars Museum holds handwritten Qurans and Persian art.

Top Tours & Activities in Fars Province

Capital Of Sassanid Dynasty – Shiraz, Iran

Do you want to know more about Sassanid era? Aren’t you fond of taking a look at smaller cities of this ancient province? If so, we suggest you a day trip to Firuzabad.

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Highlights Of Iran. A 14 Day Tour To Discover The Best Of Iran

Discover an Iran beyond the media. This is a country full of warm, lively and friendly people. Explore the rich history told in the ancient ruins across the country. Experience the wondrous remains of the ancient capital of Persepolis.

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Visit To The Vakil Complex – Shiraz, Iran

Enjoy exploring Shiraz downtown and old district of the city. Get the advantage of a Tourist Guide to know about the backstreets and the area to enjoy your free time as well as knowing the historical background of Shiraz.

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Living With The Nomads – Shiraz, Iran

Rest of a chance of witnessing and experiencing Qashqai nomadic lifestyle in the beautiful mountains and open plains. Women in colorful dresses work hard. Men play traditional musical instruments and sing Turkish songs about infatuations.

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Shiraz & Persepolis, Iran

Shiraz is the former capital of Iran, during the Zand dynasty's era and also the celebrated birthplace of the great Persian poets Hafiz and Saadi. It is also been said to be the origin of one of the best wines in the world called Syrah.

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