Cabo Sardão

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Have you ever been to Cabo Sardão?

Between Almograve and Zambujeira do Mar is the westernmost point of the Alentejo coast. Guarded by a lighthouse, sentry of Cabo Sardão, this is a place of absolute reconciliation with the terrestrial and maritime landscape.

It is not possible to be indifferent to the towering cliffs that have been dug into a mighty and at the same time serene sea, or faced with a horizon of endless plains, covered by green and verdant vegetation.

Here, the world slows until it almost stops. The daytime breeze makes us forget worries, raids and more provisions. Everything here is relative. Only the communion of the senses matters. The overwhelming beauty and intoxicating peace will "force" him to an introspection, an abandonment of the superfluous, an easy demand for happiness. Forget the time. Do everything to the rhythm of the gliding flight of a bird, the soft air, the soft and relaxed gait of the inhabitants. Finally, adapting an already old saying, in the Alentejo, do as the Alentejo.

In this environment so auspicious the sky is invaded by millions of bright spots of light, invisible stars in the city, magical constellations.

This is a crossing site along the coastal road linking Almograve to Zambujeira. To reach Cabo Sardão, we pass by the Cavaleiro, a village that is not very popular, but where Sargo's fishing has a constant presence and the Percebes have more flavor than anywhere else on the Southwest Coast.
Walk to the imposing lighthouse, built in 1915, with a tower 17 meters high, quadrangular masonry and red cylindrical lantern.

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