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Have you ever been to Serra da Estrela?

Portugal is synonymous with good weather. Portugal is often associated with the sun and the beaches as a paradisiacal summer destination. However, Portugal has much more to offer!

Serra da Estrela is the highest mountain in mainland Portugal, the second highest in Portugal, only surpassed by the pico mountain, located in the Azores. Due to its size, you can already understand that this is a remarkable place… and it is!

This is one of the main tourist destinations for snow lovers! Serra da Estrela is widely visited throughout the year, and there you can go skiing, snowboarding or simply strolling through its vast and snow-covered mountain range.

During the hike through the mountains, and before reaching the Serra da Estrela Tower, which represents its summit, you can pass through several impressive sites such as the Penhas Douradas or the monument of Nossa Senhora da Boa Estrela. Venture out!

However, one of the best parts is missing: the food. We are talking about Serra da Estrela, a mountain covered with snow and where you can go for a walk and practice some radical sports ... how can you talk about food in a place like this? Because at the top of the mountain, you will find a shopping center with several stalls selling traditional products! You can buy ham or regional cheese, but better than that, you can try the different samples they offer you!

With or without snow, it is a visit to do and where it is mandatory to appreciate all the natural beauty of Serra da Estrela!

Top 5 Ways To Enjoy Your Stay In Serra Da Estrela

1 - Snowboard and Ski

Venture out on one of the many tracks in Serra da Estrela dedicated especially to the practice of extreme sports such as Ski and Snowboard. If you you are a beginner , don't worry, you can choose to take some classes first!

2 - Route of the 25 Lagoons

Explore the Serra da Estrela Natural Park in a unique way. Make a trail known as the Route of the 25 Lagoons, which take you to know, precisely, 25 lagoons existing in the mountains!

3 - Covão dos Conchos

I'm sure you've never seen anything like it. When making your trek through Serra da Estrela, be sure to pass through Covão dos Conchos and enjoy this superb work of nature.

4 - Nossa Senhora da Boa Estrela

Carved in stone, of an impressive size and surrounded by snow, exploring the area and enjoying this beautiful work- Nossa Senhora da Boa Estrela- is something you must do!

5 - Stay in Serra da Estrela

It will improve your stay in a way you cannot imagine. Stay in the middle of Serra da Estrela, wake up early, surrounded by snow, and take a morning stroll. Be warned: there are not many better feelings!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can go up to the top of Serra da Estrela by car, for example. Throughout the climb of the mountain there is a road in full condition that allows you to reach its summit. If you don't drive, we suggest you take a táxi. This is because there is no public transport to the top.

Yes. In addition to several restaurants around the Serra da Estrela, near the top, there is even a shopping center that sells regional food, such as ham sandwiches with cheese.

Since the opening of the runways is always dependent on atmospheric conditions, more particularly the dependence on the occurrence of snow, its period of operation is not stable. However, normally, and whenever snowing, you can access the slopes between November and April, which is equivalent to the duration of the winter season.

It depends a lot on where you are staying. Unless you are staying in the middle of Serra da Estrela, you are not advised to travel to the top on foot. This is because, for example, if you are staying in Covilhã, it is still 18 kilometers to reach its summit.

Yes. Throughout the vast mountain range and the towns that compose it there are several places where you can stay. Hotels, houses for rent or bungalows are just a few of the options. The closer to the Serra da Estrela Tower, that is, from the top, the better.

What People Are Saying

"Nosso Guia e Motorista foi o Tiago, grande pessoa e que sabia tudo dos locais. Ele também nos levou para almoçar em um restaurante bem legal e tradicional, sendo que o serviço disponibilizado e a atenção do Tiago com minha família foram excepcionais. Ótimo motorista, atento, prudente e que permite uma boa conversa no percurso, grande diferencial. Valeu cada centavo pago. Foram pontuais, corretos e entregaram muito mais do que prometeram."

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