(English) Algarve Nightlife: The 5 Hottest Places To Party During Summer

(English) The magic of the Algarve doesn't end when the sun sets, it renews itself with the energy of the night. Are you already excited and wondering where you will party during your holidays in the south of Portugal? Check out our list of the best nightclubs and have fun!

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The Algarve is famous for being the ideal destination for those who love a good beach and a good party. From beach terraces to sunsets, to countless pubs, from relaxed lounges to electrifying nightclubs, the Algarve’s nightlife offers a wide variety of options to satisfy all audiences and exceed all expectations.

The main nightlife areas throughout the year are located in the main tourist centres, highlighting the lower Albufeira area, full of bars along its streets, Vilamoura next to the extravagant environment, Portimão with several bars and discos on the beaches that receive thousands of people and much more.

If you like nightlife and animation your outings in the Algarve promise a lot of animation, because after all they are places that are always full of tourists and locals of various ages, ie there are entertainment options for the most varied types of public.

Let’s get to know the best destinations for those who love lively nights!


1. Bliss 


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Bliss is undoubtedly one of the best ballads in the Algarve, with great energy and animation all night long. It’s located in Quarteira, near Vilamoura, and is one of the biggest parties, always attracting many international and national DJ’s. For this reason, it also attracts many tourists, who love the energy and come back more often.

In addition to the indoor space, the ballad has an outdoor area, which guarantees an incredible look with the sunset on the hottest days of summer and sunrise for those who stay until the next day dancing and having fun.

2. Lick


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For many people this is definitely the best club in the whole country. During the summer it presents the most frequented parties with several DJ’s from all over the world. In the year 2019 it was even included in international rankings of best ballads in the world, so do not worry that the fun is guaranteed.

Lick’s located in the road From Vilamoura to Albufeira, near Boliqueime.

3. Kiss Disco Club


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The disco Kiss is one of the main ones, with three incredible floors and five bars to meet the great demand.  The various tracks with different types of music makes this place a success among tourists. The venue and the ballad itself are old, but not out of fashion, on the contrary, its experience makes it one of the best ballads in the Algarve, which has held the title for many years.

The location is perfect for a night out. Kiss is located right in the middle of the Oura strip in Albufeira, the street of bars, clubs and crazy parties.

4. Echo


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This party house in Tavira is relatively new compared to the others on the list, but that doesn’t prevent it from being the place of memorable parties. Since its inception, Echo has been attracting more and more attention for its fun parties. Even though it’s a bit far from the other nightclubs it’s worth a visit, to get to Tavira you just need to board the train, take a quick walk and that’s it.

Echo is one of the nightclubs that has been gaining its due prominence so consider including a visit in your itinerary.

5. Blanco Beach


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It is famous for its parties in Praia da Rocha, Portimão,  which usually begin before sunset and last throughout the night. The presence of renowned international DJs, musicians and artists is practically guaranteed.

There is also a swimming pool where you can refresh yourself and taste the best refreshments, fresh fruit juices and smoothies, alcoholic drinks and the famous cocktails.


These are definitely the best bars and discos in the Algarve. They are pleasant for those who just want to have a drink at the end of the day or spend the night dancing.


There are several options for all audiences, just go to the place that interests you most and enjoy. For more tourist tips about the Algarve and other places remember, you can always count on Experitour to guarantee your best experiences.


Remember not to mix alcoholic beverages with vehicle driving so always opt for public transportation or transportation apps.





Post written by Gustavo Costa.

Hello, I'm Gustavo Costa. I'm from Rio de Janeiro and I've been living in the Algarve for 2 years, where I study communication. Passionate about music, traveling and going out with my friends. Always willing to go through new experiences!

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