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In their geography, climate and fauna, the plains of the Beira Interior region, between the foothills of the Serra da Gardunha and the River Ponsul, form the transitional zone between the north and south of Portugal. Standing above them on a high crag is the historical village of Monsanto. It is said that, from this bulwark, the village was able to withstand the siege imposed by the Romans in the 2nd century BC for as long as seven years. This extraordinary feat is commemorated by the villagers in their Festa das Cruzes (Festival of the Crosses), every year on 3 May. The village offers visitors some of the most interesting human landscapes in Portugal. It spreads along the hillside, making use of the granite boulders to form the walls of the houses. In some cases, a single block of stone forms the roof, which is why the houses are popularly said to have "only one tile".

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From Lisbon: Visit Piódão And Monsanto In Full Day Small Group Tour

Piódão and Monsanto are two unique villages in Portugal. In this tour you will visit both and learn about the history of Portugal while you have the opportunity to see natural wonders of Portugal.

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