Going To Visit The Algarve? See The Top 10 Beaches In Albufeira

Since Albufeira is one of the main holiday destinations in all of Europe, we decided to make a top 10 of the best beaches to make life easier for those who come here. If you spend your holidays in Albufeira, you will find yourself wondering which beach to go to, which is the most spacious, the most beautiful, or the most easily accessible. See our list and decide!

Albufeira is famous for its high temperatures, beaches and evenings. It is the beaches that we will talk about. The city has varied beaches of all types and shapes. But surely those who pass by here do not have time to visit them all and want to make sure they visit the best ones. That’s what we’re here for!

From the most rocky to the most spacious, passing through those that are easier to access or closer to the center, we briefly detail those that are, for us, the 10 best beaches in Albufeira!

Let’s get to it: our top 10!


1. São Rafael Beach

Esta é frequentemente eleita como a melhor praia de Albufeira. Passar o dia aqui é realmente incrível!
This one is often considered as the best beach in Albufeira. Spending the day here is really amazing!

Possibly the most complete of all beaches in Albufeira. Spacious, easily accessible, with parking and an incredible natural landscape!

São Rafael beach is a favorite of both residents and tourists who discover it. Enjoying this sea surrounded by fabulous rocks built by nature is very chilling.

Next to the beach there is also a restaurant if you intend to stay there all day… because, honestly, we can’t imagine anything better than a day on this beach that culminates with a meal by the sea. Just by the description it already seems paradisiacal!

2. Arrifes Beach

A beach like few others. Go early in the morning, settle in and enjoy one of the best beach days of your life!
A beach like few others. Go early in the morning, settle in and enjoy one of the best beach days of your life!

The Arrifes beach, although smaller, is as beautiful or more beautiful than the others. Perhaps precisely because it is small. The presence of rocks on this beach does not disturb your stay, on the contrary!

As in the image used above, the beach of Arrifes is surrounded by rocks that make it an absolutely fascinating corner. Here you can just lie on the towel soaking up the sun and listening to the waves of the sea.

When you can’t take the sun anymore, go for a swim in this transparent water and enjoy the view from the sea!

3. Fishersman’s Beach

Se está instalado no centro de Albufeira não pense duas vezes. Desça até à baixa, aproveite a vista antes de descer as escadas rolantes que dão acesso à praia!
If you are staying in the center of Albufeira, don’t think twice. Go to the downtown, enjoy the view before going down the escalators that give access to the beach!

Fisherman´s beach is located in the center of Albufeira and is one of the largest in the whole city. Next to Albufeira downtown, here you can spend the day without missing anything.

If you like walking on the beach, here is the perfect place. Make use of the size of the beach for strolling. Dive in, sunbathe, eat a “bola de berlim”. When you start to feel like you want something more, explore some water sports!

There are several attractions that you can experience at the sea from this beach, some more relaxing, some that provide more speed and others that suspend you in the air! Take advantage of the fact that you are here to visit downtown Albufeira as well.

After the day at the beach try one of the restaurants in downtown Albufeira, known as one of the main spots to enjoy the night in the city!

4. Coelha’s Beach

Afaste-se por um dia do barulho. Aqui só vai ouvir o mar a rebentar nas grandes rochas que cercam a praia. Um retiro que toda a gente precisa!
Get away from the noise for a day. Here you will only hear the waves breaking on the big rocks that surround the beach. A retreat that everyone needs!

Rocky and wonderful. There is no better way to describe Coelha´s beach. With a considerable area of ​​sand, here you can enjoy the calm and beauty that Albufeira’s beaches insist on offering.

The access to the beach is quite easy, and it also has a restaurant at your disposal. Here you will feel isolated from the world, but in a positive way. The large rocky walls that surround the beach guarantee you a peace that you cannot imagine!

5. Oura’s Beach

One day in the oura. Start it at Oura beach, end it at the famous Oura street. Take the opportunity to have lunch in one of the restaurants next to the beach!
One day in the oura. Start it at Oura beach, end it at the famous Oura street. Take the opportunity to have lunch in one of the restaurants next to the beach!

Start anticipating the night. The name “oura” shouldn’t be anything strange to you. This beach is located at the end of Rua da Oura, the famous street of bars in Albufeira.

Without those rock formations that leave us incredulous, this is a simpler beach, for those who don’t want to worry about rocks. For those who just want the sun and water without worries.

Its location is quite favorable and, therefore, easy to reach on foot. In its vicinity there are some restaurants and cafes, and also a small supermarket.

6. Peneco’s Beach

It is not any beach that has an elevator. Climb up to the top and marvel at the view over the beach!

This is the Peneco´s beach elevator. Here, in addition to being able to enjoy the beach and the vast sea, as usual, you can do it from a higher spot than normal. Take the stairs or the elevator and enjoy the view!

Since the beach connects with several others, being the fishermen’s beach next to it, you can take a long walk by the sea!

Nearby there is a restaurant in the middle of the beach, perfect for lunch, dinner or just having a drink in the middle of the afternoon!

7. Alemães Beach

Stroll over those spectacular rocks that we often appreciate from the sea. That's what you can do on this beach. And in completely safe way!
Stroll over those spectacular rocks that we often appreciate from the sea. That’s what you can do on this beach. And in completely safe way!

The Alemães beach stands out for the connections with other beaches by the rocks. In addition to being quite spacious and with plenty of parking, from the Alemães beach you can explore other beaches and rock formations surrounded by water as clear as in the photo.

Venture down the rocks (albeit carefully and always following an outlined path that defines the safest route) and access other beaches. You can go with a camera in hand, as you will find a landscape worthy of a beautiful photograph!

8. Olhos d’Água Beach

A very simple day, but perfectly relaxing. Soak up the sun, dive, put on your slippers and eat an ice cream by the beach.

This is the main beach in Olhos de Água. Quickly accessible and with a wide sandy beach, this is a really nice one.

With several restaurants, cafes and ice cream parlors in the area, whenever you want to grab a bite, just put on your slippers!

The Olhos de Água beach is also very simple, not having the usual showy rock formations, you don’t have to worry! Just get up from the towel and go for a swim!

9. Santa Eulália Beach

One of the best beaches in Albufeira. Here you can do anything. When you pass through Albufeira do not forget to enjoy a day at Santa Eulália beach.

Perhaps the ideal size for a beach. Crossing it on foot is the casual and perfect stroll close to the water. With some rocks at both ends of the beach to explore, in the middle there is only a vast sand with a totally clean sea!

It has a restaurant in the middle of the beach where you can go for a beer or a sangria! Located in an area that separates Albufeira from Olhos de Água, it is a beach to visit.

Here you can do everything that has already been mentioned on other beaches: rocks to explore, water without rocks, vast sand, restaurant, space to stroll or run and you can even try the typical attractions on the water!

10. Evaristo’s Beach and Castelo’s Beach

Aventure-se, cautelosamente, nas rochas e na cristalina água que une estas duas praias.
Venture out, cautiously, on the rocks and enjoy the crystal clear water that gather these two beaches.

The inclusion of two beaches where is supposed to be one, is due to the fact that they are next to each other. And the main reason they are both here, it is because of what separates them.

Between Praia do Castelo and Praia do Evaristo there are several rocks that you can explore. Both beaches have a lot of rocks in the sea and in their sand, but they also have an incredibly translucent water surrounding them!

Small, rocky beaches… it screams for an adventure! If you like to explore, visit these wonderful beaches. But be careful and have some precautions!

Post written by Fábio Coelho.

I was born in 1998 and I'm from Portalegre, but I live in Albufeira. I am currently finishing my degree in Communication Sciences, at the University of Algarve. I am passionate about journalism, radio and everything that involves communication.

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