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Have you ever been to Karlovac?

The medicinal properties of the river Korana were already proven in the late 19th and early 20th century in Vienna, and Karlovac was already famous then as an important health resort in this part of Europe. Karlovac is the town of beer, parks and one of the rare towns that has four rivers flowing through it. The largest one, Kupa, passes through the town centre, and Dobra and Korana flow into it. A bit further down at Turanj, the river Mrežnica flows into Korana. The rapids made by these rivers attract adventurers who wish to try their hand at canoeing or rafting.

Exciting green landscapes filled with activities and cultural heritage are ideally explored by car and are a favourite destination for an active vacation. The natural wealth of forests and rivers have left a deep mark in the tradition of the Karlovac region, and its location in central Croatia, at the border between the north and south, has marked its history. The town was founded as a six-pointed star fortress and it is an example of unconquerable forts built in the 16th century. Do visit the Dubovac Castle which CNN has listed among its 20 must-see places in Croatia.

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