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Canada is a country that occupies much of North America and extends from the Atlantic Ocean to the east to the Pacific Ocean to the west. To the north the country is bordered by the Arctic Ocean.

Top Tours & Activities in Canada

Quebec, The Full Tour

Explore the splendour of the Quebec City region from the sky!Enjoy a one hour tour in our ultra-modern helicopters including a flyover of magnificent and historical Quebec City, the Saint-Lawrence and its breathtaking landscapes . See its architectural beauty, the Montmorency Falls and Ile d’Orléans as well as the unspoiled beauty of its natural surroundings.

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Glacial Valleys And Mountains

Take to the sky over Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier!Those landscapes will take your breath away! Experience the adventure of flying over the Jacques-Cartier glacial valley. Be amazed by the natural beauty of this mountainous plateau with its deep glacial valleys. See the Boreal forest with its beautiful mix of conifers and deciduous trees! You might even fly over a moose, caribou or bear!

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Quebec – The City And The River By Sky

Explore Quebec City and the Saint Lawrence River from the air!Take in the charm of Quebec City and the mighty Saint-Lawrence River. Fly over all the magnificent attractions of Quebec City, including the Château Frontenac, Old-Quebec, the plains of Abraham and more! Take in the beauty of the 83-metre-high Montmorency Falls nestled between the river and the cliffs.

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Bird’S Eye View Of Quebec

Explore Quebec from above!Climb aboard one of our helicopters and take in the best view of Quebec City! Fly over this historical city, the cradle of French America and the prestigious Château Frontenac overlooking Old Quebec, a UNESCO World Heritage site. See the beauty of the majestic Saint Lawrence, the Plains of Abraham and its impressive British fortifications - the only ones of their kind!

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