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Ponta Delgada began as a simple fishing village whose fishermen were once attracted by its safe coves, but soon began to play the role of main port of the São Miguel Island. The city grew and in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries the convents, churches and manor houses flourished and still today they integrate the historic centre. Ponta Delgada is today a cosmopolitan city, outward looking, with a lively economic and cultural life. The extensive coastline road, which borders the harbour and the sea outlining the city, is the expression of its dynamism, adapting to new times and also the access road to the city. Boasting a history of over five centuries and precious testimonies of the past, Ponta Delgada is a multifaceted city where tradition lives hand-in-hand with the present and cosmopolitanism with wholesome tranquility of the Azorean life.

Top Tours & Activities in Ponta Delgada

São Miguel Island Of Azores: Private Tour To Lagoa Do Fogo

This place has a breathtaking landscape. Its lagoon inside a crater and the muddy mountain in São Miguel allows one to see the island of two sides. You'll also get to taste the delicious local licors. A 4-hours tour only by 37€ per person.

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Ponta Delgada: Big Game Fishing Full Day Out In The Azores Sea

Join us for an unforgettable fishing trip that will be the highlight of your holidays in the Azores! A day at the sea with a lot of fun and all the professionalism, a unique and unforgettable experience capturing different species of fish.

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Private Half-Day Tour To Lagoa Das Sete-Cidades Starting From Ponta Delgada

One of the 7 Natural Wonders of Portugal! On this private experience departing from Ponta Delgada, you will get to know Lagoa das Sete Cidades, an amazing natural wonder of São Miguel Island, Azores.

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São Miguel Island: Coastal And Bottom Fishing Full-Day Trip In The Azores

If you are looking for adventure and activities on the sea fishing is an excellent opportunity during your holidays in the Azores. Join us for an unforgettable tour at the sea with a lot of fun and all the professionalism as usual. This fishing trip in São Miguel provides you a unique and unforgettable experience capturing different species of fish.

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Half-Day Buggy Tour To Seven Cities From Ponta Delgada

Come with us and tour around the crater of the volcano of Sete Cidades. Enjoy stunning views of the lakes and the sea, and go off-road and experience moments of great emotion and adrenaline.

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Private Full Day Tour To Furnas Village With Lunch Starting From Ponta Delgada

Explore and feel the heart of S.Miguel! On this full-day tour you'll have a private experience with a expert guide, visit the Furnas village and taste traditional and tasty Azorian food, cooked in the volcanic soil. You will also have the chance to take a relaxing bath at the thermal pools of Dona Beija!

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Private Full-Day Tour To Sete-Cidades & Lagoa Do Fogo Starting From Ponta Delgada

The two wonders of São Miguel island. On this full-day tour from Ponta Delgada you will visit two of the most amazing natural wonders of the Azores, Lagoa do Fogo and Lagoa das Sete Cidades.

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From Ponta Delgada: Half-Day Tour To The Furnas Village In Azores

Furnas is a real paradise! With us, you will be able to know all the hidden corners of the wonderful Island of São Miguel and will live unforgettable moments.

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