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Sichuan Province, whose capital city is Chengdu, lies in southwest China and holds three locations listed with UNESCO: the Juizhaigou and Huanglong Scenic Areas, and Emei Mountain. A varied landscapes composed of mountains and plains and featuring waterfalls, ravines, and limestone caves, it is intersected by the Yangtze River system. Known as ‘the land of abundance’, Sichuan is an agricultural area producing rice, wheat, cotton, rapeseed, meat, fruit, and medicinal herbs, and its major industries are in metals, coal, petroleum, electronics, and textiles. With a rich cultural heritage and many sites of historic significance, Sichuan is home to more than fifteen minority groups, including the Tibetan, Hui, Yi, and Miao peoples, each with different customs and festivals.

Top Tours & Activities in Sichuan Province

Chengdu Evening Food Tour By Tuktuk

We are Chengdu insiders. Chengdu is home to our founder which makes your tour experience extra insightful and memorable. We’ll visit restaurants and flavours that she grew up with, and areas of the city that hold special memories for her and our other local guides.

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Chengdu Hotpot, Tea & Market Experience

Discover the true heart of Chengdu by sipping tea shoulder to shoulder with locals, exploring a hidden market, enjoying a famous hotpot feast, and chilling in a boutique bar!

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