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A popular destination for sun-seekers, Faro has a reputation as being an overrun party beach town for much of the year. Visitors who use it as a base to explore the more remote areas of the Algarve in the off-season will experience much more of what southern Portugal has to offer; but those looking for no more than a tan and cocktails won't be disappointed. In winter, it is a beautiful, peaceful corner of Southern Europe with plenty sun shining in the town with Iberian and Moorish-influenced architecture. The people are more friendly than other parts of Europe. Many speak a bit of English, but are very appreciative of any attempts at Portuguese.

Top 7 Things To Do In Faro

1. Visit the old town in Faro center

Get lost in the old streets of Faro city center and discover the history in its walls.

2. Visit the old Faro cathedral

The Sé Cathedral of Faro is a catholic cathedral, built on the ruins of a Roman temple and adapted to church in the XIII century to what is today a National Monument of Portugal.

3. Get to know the desert island

Only 15 min by boat from Faro center you will find one of the most beautiful and natural places in Algarve.

4. Tavira Island

Tavira island has beautiful crystal clear and warm waters and is right next to Faro center.

5. Faro's Marina

Scenic marina with night lights & a sculptural “Faro” sign popular with photographers and tourists.

6. Enjoy the natural wonder Ria Formosa

You may find many activities to do in Ria Formosa while watching birds and being among an unique flora.

7. Nightlife

Faro has a very active night life, specially during the high season. Enjoy a nice drink outside with warm temperatures and fun friends.

Top Tours & Activities in Faro

Zebra Adrenaline Action Pack – 4X4 & Coasteering – Algarve

Ideal program for adrenaline lovers. A day filled up with adventure mixing off road tracks by 4x4 with a Buggy or Quad ride and an outstanding Coasteering.

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Kayak Tour In The Algarve’s Ria Formosa

Explore the Ria Formosa on a guided kayak tour.Join us on a fantastic family friendly activity and experience the natural beauty of this stunning area.

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Birdwatching In The Algarve’s Ria Formosa

This is an exciting tour through Portugal’s Ria Formosa.Enjoy a tour in the protected areas of Ludo and Quinta do Lago and discover the best of the Algarve bird life with an expert local guide.

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Birds Route – Ria Formosa Tour

Come for a walk in the heart of the Ria Formosa Natural Park, notice the labyrinth of channels and marsh vegetation and spot a huge variety of aquatic birds while listening to their sounds.

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Transfer Between Lisbon And Faro

Travel safe from lisbon to faro in a private car.

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Guided Walk In The Algarve’s Ria Formosa

Make sure to join this lovely 3-hour guided walk through Portugal’s stunning Ria Formosa.This is a nature walk to discover the wildlife of this protected wetland area of the Algarve.

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Sunset Sailing Boat Trip In Ria Formosa

A sunset boat trip in Ria Formosa where you can also learn some sailing techniques if you wish. Admire the surrounding nature aboard our sailboat while experiencing a beautiful sunset in the Algarve.

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Enjoy A Day Exploring Ria Formosa – Algarve

The Ria Formosa Natural Park is one of the most beautiful natural resources in the Algarve, both for its variety of habitats and for its unique location. Recently elected as a 7 of Portugal's Natural Wonders, it is one of the three protected areas that you should definitely visit on your vacation.

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Best Time To Visit
The best time to visit Portugal is spring season which starts in February to find hills bedecked in seasonal flowers and almond groves awash with pretty pink blossom. During the summer the cities gain life, with events and people from all over the world enjoying the best of the European sun. Of course, autumn is another great time to visit Portugal, especially for walkers and cyclists, as temperatures are still warm but crowds are a lot less.