South America

Welcome to South America

The South American continent is among the most diverse on our planet, in nature and in culture. Since most of its territory was a victim of European colonialism, the present population is made up of peoples of diverse origins, making South America a continent of tomorrow. It is home to the largest living forest today, the Amazon rainforest, and has coastal areas of endless tropical beaches, and Brazilian summer stands out with party and warmth. To the south the climate begins to cool and during the winter, December to February, the Argentine regions receive many tourists in search of the snow. In Peru, the ruins of Machu Picchu tell the story of the extinct Inca empire, decimated by the Spanish. Huge caves, active volcanoes, driest deserts in the world. You will find climates and biomes for all tastes, in lands of welcoming and hardworking people, that grows next to its megalopolises. All of Latin America will welcome you with open arms.

Top Tours & Activities in South America

Hang Gliding Tandem Flight In Rio De Janeiro

Our city is among the best places in the world for this flight practice. Takeaways are from Bonita Stone ramp, located in Tijuca Forest National Park, at a height of 517 meters. Flights hang over Tijuca Forest and the sea, landing on Pepino Beach sands, in São Conrado. Flights last from 6 to 8 minutes. For double flight, no experience is required.

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E-Bike – Tigre’ S Delta Row & Ride- *lunch Included

Easily make a bike tour over long distances without getting tired and real-time communication through our intercoms. An amazing full-day experience visiting the only Delta that continues growing.

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Glacier Hike 12 To 16K – El Morado National Park, San Francisco Glacier – Chile

Cajon Del Maipo / El Morado National Park - Recommended for adventurous people! A spectacular trip to “El Morado” Natural Monument and San Francisco Glacier during Summer & Winter. All year.

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Jungle River Cruise At Palo Verde National Park

See crocodiles, monkey, iguanas, and hundreds of birds as you relax in a jungle boat cruising slowly through the wetlands.

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Eco Tour São Paulo – Brazil

Adventure yourself into Brazil's Mata Atlântica (Atlantica Forest) on a half-day eco-tour from São Paulo.

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Andes Day Lagoon – Cajón Del Maipo & Embalse El Yeso – Chile

Take the magic of the mountains with you! With the best views of the Andes in Cajón del Maipo, connect with nature in an environment of peace and fresh mountain air.

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Grand Bike N’ Wander- Discover The Soul Of Buenos Aires

Easily make a bike tour over long distances without getting tired. The electric power boost gives you speed when you need it, and modern intercoms let us tell you about the beautiful sites you'll see.

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Amazing Hiking In Brazil – Florianópolis

I am a professional nature guide working in the amazing trails of Florianópolis - located in a beautiful island - Ilha de Santa Catarina. We offer excellent one day trails where you will have an unforgettable day and see all the beauty of brazilian nature - walterfalls, rainforest with a rich fauna and flora, desert beaches, lakes. Normally from 9 till 16 h.

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