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Zadar, an ancient city with historical and cultural heritage worth seeing, is located in the southern part of Croatia, just below the Velebit mountain. In Zadar you can find a perfect combination of tourist attractions and relaxing vacation. There are remains of the Roman heritage, medieval churches, museums worth visiting, all the good urban tourism. The city has been known to the locals in the past years to be a place less crowded during the hot summers, so it's a choice for the calm travelers. Zadar is the cosmopolitan piece of Croatia that needs to be visited.

Top Tours & Activities in Zadar

Dugi Otok – Full Day Kayaking Tour – Croatia

Discover the rugged, lush paradise of Dugi Otok on this full-day kayaking tour from Zadar. With its white sands, sheer cliffs, secret bays and diverse wildlife, Dugi Otok is the perfect destination to explore, unwind and have some fun.

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Zrmanja Canoe Safari, North Dalmatia, Kastel Zegarski, Croatia

Rafting Zrmanja River. The most beautiful river.Even though Rafting Zrmanja River is easy and safe enough for beginners, the scenery makes it also very exciting. Also, Zrmanja and Krupa are among the most beautiful rivers in Europe. Due to perfectly clear warm water, spectacular canyon and magnificent waterfalls.

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Kayak City Tour – Zadar – Croatia

Meet the oldest Dalmatian town from the sea, in the way numerous adventurers, seafarers, pilgrims and conquerors have seen it.

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One Week Tour – Kayak, Bike, Hike Three National Parks In Croatia

Visit three national parks in Croatia by Kayak, bike, hike and enjoy the truly croatian adventures spirit.

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3 Hours Guided Bike Tour In Zadar

The easiest way to get to know Zadar is by bike. This 3 hours guided tour is perfect for discovering the city of Zadar, knowing where to go and what to do during the holidays, because we'll show you as much as possible in a short time. You will discover the most interesting and the most beautiful parts of the city.

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Croatia Yoga Adventure

Croatia Yoga Adventure retreat is not dangerous or physically demanding. The combination of activity, scenery and cultural immersion makes this journey a unique and unforgettable experience. Although a small country, Croatia has a rich variety of beautiful landscapes and preserved natural areas. From mountains to plains, from rivers to sea with a long and rich history.

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Dugi Otok Self Guided Bike Tour (2 Days)

Dugi otok is part of Zadar archipelago and probably the longest of the north Dalmatian islands. This is the place of great natural contrasts; vertical cliffs that goes down deep into the sea on one side of the island and beautiful sandy beaches on the other side. The most popular of them is beach Saharun, 800m of beautiful white sand.

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5 Hours Guided Bike Tour From Zadar To Nin

This attractive bike ride takes you along the coast from the city of Zadar, through picturesque villages and pine forests to the town of Nin. This fairy tale like place dates from the 9th century BC. It is located on a small island and attracts numbers of tourists with its natural beauty, hospitable people, amazing sandy beaches and tasteful local food.

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The high season in Croatia is in July and August, so for good temperatures and less crowded attractions, we suggest you to go in June or September.

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