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The South American continent is among the most diverse on our planet, in nature and in culture. Since most of its territory was a victim of European colonialism, the present population is made up of peoples of diverse origins, making South America a continent of tomorrow. It is home to the largest living forest today, the Amazon rainforest, and has coastal areas of endless tropical beaches, and Brazilian summer stands out with party and warmth. To the south the climate begins to cool and during the winter, December to February, the Argentine regions receive many tourists in search of the snow. In Peru, the ruins of Machu Picchu tell the story of the extinct Inca empire, decimated by the Spanish. Huge caves, active volcanoes, driest deserts in the world. You will find climates and biomes for all tastes, in lands of welcoming and hardworking people, that grows next to its megalopolises. All of Latin America will welcome you with open arms.

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"We spent 8 days and did a 4 excellent tours, but if you can do only one, this is it! The ranch has a museum of older (mid to late 1900s) household items from the ranch, horseback riding (ok, your common horse train, but still nice), great grilled steak and chicken lunch with music, singing and a tango show. Our guides Sofi and Cami from Expediciones were great. Cami's linguistic skills switching between, English, Spanish, Portugese and German spontaneously and without pause was a show in itself!"
"We had an absolute blast on our day trip to Santa Susana Ranch. We were greeted with fresh empanadas and beverages and began straight off with a tour of the ranch. We were then able to go horseback riding, ride in a horse drawn carriage and chat with the infamous gaucho Cirilo who was so hilarious and sweet. After treating ourselves to some leather goods in the gift shop lunch was served. The meal was delicious (all you can eat/drink!) and there was also a fantastic tango show which was an added bonus! After lunch the gauchos put on a show highlighting their amazing talents as horsemen. I was even gifted a metal "ring" (and gave a very handsome gaucho the traditional kiss in return!). Overall we were very pleased and had a great day. They picked us up and dropped us off at our hotel without any hiccups. A must-do in Argentina!"
"We had so much fun on this day. Horseback riding and riding in a carriage. Getting to view the old ranch house. Sitting down to a wonderful meal with excellent grilled meats and very good wine. And then a tango show along with singing and dancing. Everyone was on their feet having a wonderful time. All this finished up with the gauchos putting on a show with their amazing horses. These guys are the real deal. More cowboy than many cowboys I've met in America. A great day."
"Très beau domaine berceau du gaucho , grillade traditionnelle et spectacle folklorique . A proximité du village Los Cardales vous y passerez la journée avec promenade en sulky et à cheval suivi ensuite d'un superbe déjeuner avec vin Argentin, suivi d'un spectacle de folklore superbe, pour terminer présentation de la confection de leurs tapis de laine moutons... Une journée inoubliable à ne pas rater"

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