(English) Private boat tours in the Algarve: where to go and how much they cost

(English) Are you in doubt among the best private boat tours in the Algarve? Learn all about prices, styles and attractions for your holidays.

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Are you going to travel to the south of Portugal and want a more reserved leisure option? Private boat tours in the Algarve are fantastic. They please everyone with stunning scenarios and professional companies.

But how do you know what the best prices are, what to visit and what kind of boat to rent?

In this article, we’ll tell you all about boat trips on the Algarve coast and suggest some excursions for you to enjoy your trip to the full, always in safety. Check out!

Private boat tours in the Algarve: where to start?

Do you already have your trip booked but haven’t booked a boat trip? Calm down, we can help you.

Before closing any deal, you have to ask yourself:

Who will take the tour? Where will they be staying? What kind of tour do you want to do?

Private tours and excursions are great ways to get to know your destination and enjoy your trip safely. The audiences that generally prefer private boat trips in the Algarve are:

  • Groups of friends: sharing the price equally among everyone, it’s fun at a fair price;
  • Corporate meetings: a private boat is ideal for work parties and group dynamics;
  • Bachellorette and birthday parties: a party on a boat is unforgettable, don’t miss your chance;
  • Romantic dates and Special Occasions: Do you have a romantic request? A private boat is synonymous with success.

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Where do the tours depart from?

There are boat trips departing from the entire coast of the Algarve. The best thing to do is to choose a boat trip that departs from a place close to where you will be staying on vacation.

The main starting points for boat trips in the Algarve are:

Take a look at the Algarve map to get your bearings, in case you don’t know the region very well.

Public transport in the Algarve is not the best thing in the world, so to move between one city and another, the best option is to rent a car.

How much does a private boat trip in the Algarve cost?

Private boat trips in the Algarve have different prices, aimed at different audiences.

There are small boats driven by experienced skippers that take you to visit the caves in 1 hour and cost around 200€. This is the case of this tour that leaves Armação de Pêra and takes up to 8 people to visit the Benagil cave.

However, if your idea is to take a trip on a luxury boat, prices can go up with your requirements. There are private tours on luxury boats that, in addition to skipper and crew, offer stand-up paddle boards, snacks and drinks. This is the case of this tour that leaves Faro e and takes up to 16 people for a day trip for 1250€ on a beautiful catamaran.

So one of the first questions to be resolved is: what kind of tour are you looking for?

What are the best boat trips in the Algarve?

The best boat tour in the Algarve will be the one you prefer. Everyone has their own taste and knows how much you can spend, but we can give you some tips to find your ideal tour.

Cruises on luxury motor boats

One of the best private motorboat tours in the Algarve is aboard the beautiful motorboat for up to 10 people from Albufeira. The tour lasts all day and includes snacks and drinks, led by an experienced skipper.

Motorboat charter in the Algarve coast

See more details and book your private tour on this boat.

  • Starting point: Albufeira;
  • Duration: 7 hours;
  • Maximum capacity: 10 people;
  • What’s Included: Professional captain and crew, a welcome drink, 2 bottles of wine (white or rosé), water, 2 juices per person, snacks (Portuguese delicatessen, cheese and fruit), safety and security equipment;
  • Price: €1,750.

Private fishing trips

If your goal is to go fishing on a private boat, we can help you too! There are tour options specializing in different types of fishing that depart from several cities in the Algarve. This fishing trip especially leaves from Alvor and is accompanied by professional fishermen from the region.

private fishing trips in the algarve

See more details and book your private fishing trip on this motorboat.

  • Starting point: Alvor;
  • Duration: 4 hours;
  • Maximum capacity: 8 people;
  • What’s Included:Safety instructions, life jackets and all necessary fishing gear;
  • Price: €360.

Attention: to be able to fish in Portugal, you must purchase a recreational fishing license that costs around €5 per day. Find out more about fishing licenses on the government’s website.

Private catamaran tours

If you want more luxury and less worry, it’s worth taking advantage of the best boats in the Algarve. And that means an all-inclusive trip on a modern catamaran to enjoy an afternoon in the sun.

Luxury boat tours in the Algarve coast

See more details and book your private tour on this sailing catamaran.

  • Starting point: Lagos;
  • Duration: 4 hours;
  • Maximum capacity: 16 people;
  • What’s Included: Commander and host, 2 stand-up paddle boards and a double kayak, drinks, snacks, safety equipment and insurance.
  • Price: €1020.

Quick tours of the sea caves

If you want to discover the famous caves of the Algarve coast on a tour that is much more reserved, but also quick, the best idea is to book this type of tour on rib boats. The tour goes to the famous Benagil cave from Portimão quickly and safely.

Fast boat tours to Benagil cave

See more details and book your private tour on this boat.

  • Starting point: Portimão;
  • Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes;
  • Maximum capacity: 18 people;
  • What’s Included: Experienced skipper and guide, safety equipment and insurance.
  • Price: €300.

Dolphin Watching Tours

Want to enjoy the Algarve’s wild marine life without shackling the animals in a cage? A boat trip might be your best option. This private boat tour is guided by experienced skippers who respect nature and take you to watch the dolphins freely swimming in the ocean. An unforgettable experience.

Dolphin watching boat tour in the Algarve coast

See more details and book your private tour to watch the dolphins at sea.

  • Place of departure: Albufeira;
  • Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes;
  • Maximum capacity: 14 people;
  • What’s Included: Experienced commander and crew, safety instructions, life jackets and raincoats;
  • Price: €560.

The places you need to visit

In addition to deciding the type of tour you want, you still need to know what you want to see on the Algarve coast. There are different tours that take you to see different parts of the coast.

Benagil cave and Marinha beach

The Benagil cave is a beautiful natural attraction that until recently was unknown to the locals. It was created naturally over the years by the waves, and is the largest of several sea caves on the Algarve coast.

Benagil cave private boat tour

What draws the most attention to the Benagil cave, apart from its size, is that it is right next to the beautiful fishing village of Benagil. It is an algar, a cave with an open top on the cliffs. In addition, it has a beach inside the cave, giving the place a mystical and exotic air.

Nearby, is one of the most famous beaches in Portugal, the Marinha beach. Certainly one of the most beautiful beaches on the Algarve coast, Praia da Marinha is excellent for a day at the beach and swimming, but also for exploring the sea in a boat or kayaks.

Ponta da Piedade caves and rocks

Another must-see attraction of the Algarve coast are the caves and rock formations of Ponta da Piedade. The huge complex at Ponta da Piedade surprises any visitor for its beauty and scenery that looks like a movie.

Ponta da Piedade private boat tours

Ponta da Piedade is close to the city of Lagos and, although it is also beautiful from the top of the cliffs, it is much more impressive from the boat trips in the area.

Local citizens, who have always been linked to fishing, in recent decades have also turned to sightseeing. So they know the sea and the labyrinths among the rocks better than anyone else!

The islands of Ria Formosa

In addition to the famous rocks and cliffs on the west side of the Algarve coast, the other side also reserves its natural beauty. Your summer in the Algarve can be a lot like the Caribbean waters if you want to visit the Ria Formosa.

Algarve Ria Formosa private boat tour

Near Faro, Olhão and Tavira, the sea and the fresh waters of the Ria Formosa have the warmest waters in Portugal in summer. Private tours here are marked by tranquility and proximity to nature, considering that it is a protected national park.

What is it like to rent a boat in the Algarve?

If you want even more privacy on vacation and know how to fly a boat, it might be a good idea to rent a boat in the Algarve. There is more freedom, but also more responsibility. For this, you must have a boat license, at least, and know a little about the region or have access to good maps. Renting a boat is a big responsibility and, for that, prices are also usually higher.

Full-day unskipped and crewed yacht charters cost at least €1500, plus a security deposit amount and not counting fuel costs.

Tips of what to take on the tour

A boat ride is fun, but you need to keep a few things in mind for everything to go well. We have separated some tips of what to take so that your tour is fantastic:

  • Sunscreen: the summer sun in the Algarve doesn’t forgive anyone, don’t forget your sunscreen;
  • Hat or cap: protecting your head is important, especially for children;
  • A light jacket: sometimes the wind on the boats can make the trip too cold, bring a light jacket;
  • A bottle of water and a snack: in case you get hungry, it doesn’t cost anything to take something to cover your stomach;
  • Anti-sickness remedy: if someone gets seasick with the waves, the ride is not so good. Take a medicine as a precaution;
  • Attention, you can get wet: be careful with electronic devices and your hair done, you will be in a boat surrounded by water.

When will you come to the Algarve?

So, have you already made up your mind which of the private boat trips in the Algarve is best for your trip?

Private tours and excursions are great ways to get to know your destination and enjoy your trip safely. Count on Experitour to find the best sightseeing tours in Portugal.

Discover the best private boat trips in the Algarve and plan your trip with peace of mind.

Post written by Letícia Melo.

Hi there, I'm Leticia! Living in Portugal since 2017, I'm a Brazilian writer passionate about traveling, discovering new cultures, beaches and music! Let's share our best experiences!

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