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Have you ever been to Algarve?

The Algarve region is a fantastic travel destination in southern Portugal. There you can find incredible beaches, great weather, hidden natural gems and amazing food.

Few places in Europe can compare with the beauty of this region, which, in the south of Portugal, has all the Latin heat for a very hot summer.

The Algarve way of life

Portugal is a small country, but with a vast culture and many different things to see. The Algarve is very different from Lisbon, the capital of the country. It’s like the time stops and all you want to do is have a good time!

The sunny Algarve coast attracts travelers from all over the world, for its weather, prices, safety and culture. Here you will have the best and most fresh fish of your life, in a mix of rural areas and luxurious restaurants.

The best cities to visit

The entire Algarve is a friendly place, and the locals are always very welcoming and helpful. Most of the cities in Algarve used to be small fishing villages that nowadays are major luxury destinations. Our favorite places to go in the Algarve are:

- Albufeira: centrally located, with most main attractions nearby and the best parties
- Lagos: A naturally beautiful city, with a hippy vibe and charming old town
- Tavira: A small town in east Algarve, with the warmest waters of the Atlantic ocean
- Portimão: A big city close enough to fantastic natural sights

What People Are Saying

"Great tour and nice captain and boatman. "
"Awesome tour. Guides very pleasant and incredible helpful. Wonderful day in the Algarve."
"There were four of us (brothers on a long weekend away) and we all agreed to go shark fish. We all found it well organised and at a very reasonable price we had a captain and a crewman both friendly and at times very amusing but most importantly very knowledgeable which helped us greatly to find the sharks we were seeking. After a journey of about one hour straight out to sea engines were turned off and baits were set and we waited expectantly for the take. Sea fishermen will sometimes tell you that rod fishing for shark can be hours with nothing happening followed by a period of sheer excitement and what seems like disorganised chaos. We were lucky with the help of our crewman we were able to catch three blue sharks at the same time, which I believe is quite unusual. After a monster tussle with these three leviathans (well they seemed huge and don't forget fishermen always tell fibs) we managed to bring them on deck and after a photograph or two we returned them to the sea. After a few more sharks we made our way back to shore having agreed that our trip was most enjoyable. Thank you to the all the staff and especially the crew of the Rascasso."

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