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Have you ever been to Alentejo?

The Alentejo is one of the most exciting regions in Portugal! This area stands out for its delicious wines and an absolutely fascinating natural landscape.

Experience the typical Alentejo gastronomy and enjoy the Cante Alentejano, recently considered as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO!

Rich in history and cultural heritage, Alentejo is still a very interesting destination for those looking for a few days spent on the beach! Whether inland on the various river beaches, or on the coast with its beautiful and natural beaches, Alentejo is also the ideal destination for sunbathing!

Take advantage of your stay to make the Alentejo Wine Route and make several tastings of different wines and learn more about the entire production process. Regardless of who you do it with, the important thing is that in the end you remember your favorite!

In the Alentejo you can also do several walks and trails through the various mountains in the region, such as the Serra de São Mamede, the highest in the whole of the Alentejo.

Visit dams, monuments, museums and be amazed by the largest aqueduct in the entire Iberian Peninsula, the Aqueduto da Amoreira, located in Elvas!

Believe that Alentejo has all the ingredients for a perfect stay!

Top 10 Things To Do In Alentejo

1 - Wine tasting

It is not an option, it is mandatory. When passing through any area of ​​the Alentejo, be sure to try a regional wine tasting! Perfect for true wine lovers.

2 - Diana Temple

The famous Évora Temple - also known as Diana Temple! This architectural work is absolutely fantastic. You must visit it when you pass through the city of Évora!

3 - Chapel of Bones

Terrifying or fascinating? Maybe both. Located in Évora, visit the Chapel of Bones to find out if it's more macabre than stunning! Inside there are also some poems ... and more we do not say!

4 - Rota Vicentina

A fascinating and adventurous trip along the Alentejo coast! Perfect for doing with friends, explore the entire Vincentian coast and risk visiting some incredible trails and beaches!

5 - Gastronomy

Exploring the Alentejo is really cool, no doubt. But we have to eat, and in a few places it is as well served as in the Alentejo! Try typical regional foods accompanied by delicious wine!

6 - Amoreira Aqueduct

The largest aqueduct in the Iberian Peninsula! Little more needs to be said to describe the beauty of this architecture. Located in Elvas, you have to go there to realize its brutal size!

7 - Serra de São Mamede

Venture out into the biggest mountain in Alentejo. Endowed with a beautiful natural park like few others, and full of several waterfalls, enjoy a day here to have a picnic and freely explore the fantastic mountain!

8 - River Beaches

It is not just the Algarve that has beaches! In addition to visiting several fantastic beaches on the Alentejo coast, we advise you to spend a day on a river beach! They are beautiful and filled with a unique peace.

9 - Dams

What a brutal natural landscape! The Alqueva dam is absurdly fascinating. Pass by the dam for a unique view of the always wonderful Alentejo.

10 - Hot air balloon ride

How about watching the Alentejo from above? We have the perfect way to do it! A hot air balloon ride for a stunning experience in the Alentejo. Relaxing and with an exceptional view!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Rota Vicentina is one of the most traveled routes in Portugal. It consists of exploring the Alentejo coast, which goes, sensibly, from Sagres to Sines and where you can explore the umpteenth natural wonders.

During the summer, the Alentejo reaches extremely high temperature values, mainly in the interior, and it frequently reaches 40 degrees. It is recommended some precautions such as the frequent use of sunscreen, hat and avoiding the sun and hours of greater heat whenever possible.

It depends. The activities we mentioned are very diverse, but the trend is a scarcity of public transport for most places. We advise you to have a thoughtful alternative.

The Alentejo is very diverse and has very interesting areas. If we have to reduce the options, we would say that the area of ​​the Alentejo coast and the whole region of Évora are the main points of interest.

Yes. Getting to the mountain's surroundings is quite simple, and you can then start your adventure through the vast and beautiful Serra de São Mamede.

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"A great evenig in a lovely cellar surrounded by wineyards. A beautiful place with a family business touch. Exceptional customer care by Marcia (our tour guide) and amazing wines to choose from. Highly recommended!"

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